Year 2023



Understanding Fluid Scaling Technology – FAST Agile in Day

FAST Agile is a method very different to other agile methods. It combines aspects of Open Space and Open Allocation to create a fluid organization that is primed for innovation and be able to pivot easily.

So what is FAST, why does it work, and how does it feel?

In this one day class you will get an overview of what FAST is, how it differentiates itself from other frameworks, and why this at first unintuitive approach works. The day will include a simulation exercise and a chance to get all your questions answered.

The facilitators of this class are Ron Quartel the founder of FAST, and Per Beining – Europe’s first early adopter of FAST and FAST Authorized Trainer.

Ron Quartel

Ron will tell you his life purpose is to untether the human spirit in the workplace. He works to achieve this while nurturing business adaptability and harmony.


His agile journey started in 2002 when his development team adopted Extreme Programming. From agile developer, his career weaved around the software industry in different roles: consultant, agile coach, technical coach, product owner, scrum master, development manager and developer again – always in an agile context.


In 2014, Ron had an epiphany about a new way of working. A way that makes self-organization inescapable, resolves dark agile and offers a simple solution to agile scaling. This new method also aligned with his life purpose of untethering the human spirit in the workplace. Sharing it feeds his soul while making a better world of work along the way. The technique took on the name of Fluid Scaling Technology, or FAST Agile for short, and is the world’s first combined teal and agile framework working on a very different paradigm from most agile methods.

Per Beining

Per has worked with Team Development for the past 30+ years, in different Agile contexts (20+ years). He is passionate about creating great teams, that continuously deliver value in all sorts of different environments.
Per has been teaching classes for the past 30+ years, within the field of Agile, Scrum, Facilitation, Graphical Facilitation, Requirements management, User Stories, Energy Management, and how to live a happy and fulfilled life.
Per’s typical title in his work is Facilitator, Guide, Scrum Master, Coach, Agile Coach, or Team Developer. Or sometimes – just human!