Year 2023


The road to success with OKR: Practical workshop for effective planning and goal management

How to properly design goals for the next quarter? It seems easier than it often is. A good start doesn’t ensure a good finish, but a bad start can make your journey much more difficult. Has it happened to you that everyone seemed to understand the desired outcome at the beginning and yet at the end of the quarter you still got nothing, or was everything wrong again? In the best case scenario, you managed to meet the target, but you are embarrassed and not sure how well?

Come and experience how to set goals using the OKRs (Objective and Key Results) methodology.
You will be guided by experienced and practice-tested professionals. And hopefully, besides the lessons, it will be fun.

Petr Hýna

Petr is an Agile Ranger Leader at the technology company He says that you just need to use common sense as a foundation, add Lean, Agile, Kanban or whatever else and look for the best possible ways to change the world. He sees the OKR method as a compass to follow on your journey to fulfill your company vision and achieve your goals. He has been at the forefront of implementing OKRs at Kentico, is currently working on OKRs at and consults OKRs with other domestic companies. He is a member of the OKR Mastermind group, which seeks to disseminate and share knowledge among companies actively practicing OKRs.

Miroslav Žebrák

Mirek works at LMC s.r.o. as Group Product Manager for the Seduo educational portal. Since 2011, he has worked as a product manager in various product teams at LMC, e.g. E-commerce,, Práce za rohem, Jobote, Kariérní stránky firem, Robot Arnold. He is an ambassador of agile management in cross-functional teams. He likes to discover new ways to solve problems and enjoys the positive results of his and his team’s work. He is a fan of Sparta Prague football and science fiction in all its forms.