Year 2023


The end of traditional human resources management. Agile HR is coming into play.

Unlike traditional HR, which focuses mainly on processes and administrative support for the organization, the role of HR in an agile organization is to create a safe environment that supports employee engagement and collaboration with colleagues at all levels of the company. In the workshop, we will try to design what the ideal role of HR in an agile organization should be, considering the individual phases of the employee lifecycle, and we will also consider the mistakes that companies and often HR teams make in pursuing the implementation of agile principles in HR.

Renáta Balíková

Renáta Balíková has been working in the field of HR for over 10 years and has experience in leadership positions both in the public and private sectors. Currently, she serves as an HR manager at IRESOFT, a software company based in Brno that develops CYGNUS software for the social sector and Alveno, an attendance and HR system for commercial companies. The company operates on the principles of self-organization, individual responsibility, agile manifesto, and shared values, and is known not only in Brno for its exceptional corporate culture. It is here where Renáta became even more familiar with the principles of agile management, which she applies to the daily work of the HR team. Renáta occasionally lectures and is a holder of the Recruiter of the Year 2021 award in the Recruitment Academy Awards competition.