Year 2023


Agile evolution as a snowball effect in Volkswagen Group Company

Do you think it is easy to start an agile transformation in a company with several hundred employees, which is part of the Volkswagen Group colossus? In our case, it was surprisingly easy. I’d like to tell you more about how a snowflake that was born inside my department became a snowball that is gradually changing the entire company. We’re going to look not only at the things that have gone well, but also the missteps and things that have surprised us along the way.

Petr Bergl

Petr has been working for 17 years in Software Development, all the time in a highly process driven/regulated environment, first Medical, now Automotive. He went through the classic path from engineer, to team leader, to manager, who changes the whole company with his team. He realizes how much he doesn’t know and therefore likes to draw inspiration from his surroundings. He likes to get things going, give them energy and be an inspiration to followers. Sometimes it’s weaker to see things through to the end… Peter is now the Manager of Software at Digiteq Automotive with a primary focus on the development of Assisted/Autonomous Driving and the unified operating system for Volkswagen Group cars.