Year 2023


Moderated discussion on the topic: Agile, Teal, RenDanHeYi & Beyond - Future of Organizing

The best of both worlds: This short but dynamic panel discussion will bring together the worlds of software development (Ron Quartel) and organizational development (Emanuele Quintarelli). What do Agile, Teal organizations, Chinese Haier, holacracy, sociocracy or other progressive approaches to the organization of human work have in common? Why haven’t most businesses adopted or at least tried one of these approaches? And what should we do from our position to make organizations more free and meaningful?

Emanuele Quintarelli

For the last 20 years, Emanuele has led global teams across sectors, cultures, and continents at the intersection of strategy, change, and technology to help large complex organizations become not just more efficient but especially more humane. Well-versed in organization design and new organizational models, he’s a practitioner, trainer, and facilitator in Holacracy, Sociocracy, RenDanHeYi, and Whole Scale Change. His purpose is to let the full potential of humanity blossom through purposeful, adaptive, and ecoistic organizations. Emanuele is currently Equity Partner and 3EO Micro-Enterprise Lead at Boundaryless. 


“Making the world a better place, one organization at a time.”

„Making the world a better place, one organization at a time.“

Ron Quartel

Ron will tell you his life purpose is to untether the human spirit in the workplace. He works to achieve this while nurturing business adaptability and harmony.


His agile journey started in 2002 when his development team adopted Extreme Programming. From agile developer, his career weaved around the software industry in different roles: consultant, agile coach, technical coach, product owner, scrum master, development manager and developer again – always in an agile context.


In 2014, Ron had an epiphany about a new way of working. A way that makes self-organization inescapable, resolves dark agile and offers a simple solution to agile scaling. This new method also aligned with his life purpose of untethering the human spirit in the workplace. Sharing it feeds his soul while making a better world of work along the way. The technique took on the name of Fluid Scaling Technology, or FAST Agile for short, and is the world’s first combined teal and agile framework working on a very different paradigm from most agile methods.

Rastislav Duriš

Rasťo is a facilitator and organizational psychologist who specializes in the human side, Agile, and systematic approach to organizational development. He teaches leaders and teams self-management and decentralization. He brings global approaches to support organizational transformations to the Czech Republic, such as the Rocket Model of Teamwork, Management 3.0, Gamestorming, BetaCodex Network, Lean Change Management, and Liberating Structures. In his consulting and training practice, he most commonly collaborates with Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Project Managers.

Šimon Vlachynský

Šimon has been working as a Scrum Master for more than six years, both in Czech and international teams. He is the author of several internal company trainings, and at one time he was the organizer of “Scrum Erasmus” – exchange visits between companies to gain inspiration not only in the field of agile culture. He has experience with classic agile frameworks, onboarding new colleagues or setting product and team goals. He can clearly set and explain metrics in a way that helps with the progression of set goals. He approaches the work in a human way, while also being able to provide constructive advice for progress within the self-development framework.