Year 2023


Co-management: choose who will participate in the management of the company

Co-management of the company… how to involve employees in decision-making processes while remaining fast and responsive enough? Which way to go and what to avoid? Where are the risks and when is too much too much? At Etnetera Flow, we are constantly asking these questions and looking for the most effective ways to engage engaged colleagues. We do not offer solutions in the workshop – we want to facilitate a rich debate, sharing of experiences and perspectives, visualization of possible dead ends.By involving employees in the management of the company, we make quality decisions, strengthen the motivation, commitment and loyalty of our colleagues, build on their experience and talents – come with us to figure out how best to do it! Let’s not live under the misconception that decisions are the privilege of managers and team leaders only!

Ondřej Franek

Ondřej has been part of Etnetera for seven years. Since the beginning he has been focusing on mobile applications. First as a project manager, then as a Scrum Master and currently as Head of Delivery. Although customers often come first, he realizes the power of involving people in the management of the company. He therefore helps build Etnetera on the strengths of individual team members.

Matěj Přenosil

Matěj joined Etnetera 2 years ago as a Scrum Master, later he started to profile himself as an Agile Project Lead in mobile app development. Besides working on projects, he also helps with employee care, management and personal and professional development. At Etnetera, he enjoys finding ways to have a happy team and customers.