Year 2023


How Haier combines the start up soul in a multinational Group

  • Principles of the RenDanHeyi, application in Haier and how it fits with our Haier attitudes.
  • MicroEnterprice Consumables, Accessories and Added Value services: main strategies, targets, and challenges.
  • MicroEnterprice WashPass: a revolutionary way to approach the Washing Machine business; main strategies, targets and challenges.
  • Why the ME model is fitting with these two businesses.
  • ME points of implementation:

– Balancing entrepreneurial drive with enabling support

– Rewarding individuals as entrepreneurs

– Rethinking what a manager and employer should look like

– Figuring out the right ignition point

– What happens when a ME misses its leading goals?

  • Conclusions and Key take away.

Carmine Infante

Carmine is eclectic manager with a good balance between strategy and pragmatic approach based on financial evidences; focused on long term strategy and business turn around based on market needs (profit generation, country mix), top line (sales regeneration and new product launches, product mix), cost structure optimization (route to market, cost cut) and communication. Head of the Simply|Fi product launch (the connectivity on WG products).
Specialized in the RenDanHeYi methodology and implementation inside the organization.