Year 2023


Such a silly thing to do and how much time it saves

Do you sometimes feel that things are too complicated and there must be a simpler way? Then this workshop will give you some tools and techniques to simplify your life. We will stay in the world of analogue pencil/fix, paper/flipchart and good old natural intelligence. We’ll look at areas such as prioritising, delegating, goal setting and even finding new people to join your team. We’ll talk about applications at work and in our personal lives. You won’t be bored. If you can’t wait, try to take a “snapshot” of your week as a preparation, i.e. an overview of how much time you spend per week on what activity.

Zdeněk Macháček

Zdeněk focuses on strategic consulting, education and popularization of new trends in business and corporate IT. He also specializes in using Agile and Lean Start-up approaches to create new products and services. He helps companies with applying agile approaches to their own operations. In these consultations, he draws on his extensive experience from a wide range of IT projects as well as his long-term experience in actual development.