Year 2023


FAST Agile: A New Kid on the Agile Block

Ron had a crazy idea in 2014 while at an Open Space event – why aren’t we using Open Space to solve Agile at scale, and as the foundation of an agile method? In 2016 Fluid Scaling Technology for Agile (FAST Agile) emerged from a crazy idea into a framework. FAST not only makes scaling easy, it takes agile back to the core values and principles of the agile manifesto. Be prepared to be surprised!

Ron Quartel

Ron will tell you his life purpose is to untether the human spirit in the workplace. He works to achieve this while nurturing business adaptability and harmony.


His agile journey started in 2002 when his development team adopted Extreme Programming. From agile developer, his career weaved around the software industry in different roles: consultant, agile coach, technical coach, product owner, scrum master, development manager and developer again – always in an agile context.


In 2014, Ron had an epiphany about a new way of working. A way that makes self-organization inescapable, resolves dark agile and offers a simple solution to agile scaling. This new method also aligned with his life purpose of untethering the human spirit in the workplace. Sharing it feeds his soul while making a better world of work along the way. The technique took on the name of Fluid Scaling Technology, or FAST Agile for short, and is the world’s first combined teal and agile framework working on a very different paradigm from most agile methods.