Year 2023


Leading with Obeya

How to go from idea to implementation? Whether at the level of the company as a whole or at the level of the product? Leadership, vision, strategy, OKRs, 4DX, metrics, backlogs, initialization, refinement… you must have dealt with all of these concepts and their continuities many times in your company and have been looking for ways to best connect and build on them. Have you ever thought of seeing everything as a whole in context and even having it all in one place, on one board?

In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate and, more importantly, practice how Obeya can take us through the entire flow from vision to initiatives, specifically:
What do we need to make a strategy not just vague gibberish? What are its key pillars?
We often have lots of metrics, but which ones track behavior change and give us focus? Why should I start with metrics and not actions? And what about all those other metrics?
How should the routine go over this overall view? Where to start and what is the focus?

If you are a manager, PO/PM or SM/agile coach, this workshop should definitely be of interest to you!

Michal Donát

Michal has been working for more than 22 years in software development, including more than 12 years in companies taking advantage of Scrum and Large-Scale Scrum. He specializes in working with the system as a whole to make it work so organization meet its goals in the best possible way. His motto is “change the company or change the company”