Year 2023



How we can increase engagement by up to six times by understanding an individual's talents.

Many companies rely on the development of skills or competences as part of training. But what if there is an easier and more natural way? Globally and for decades, Gallup has been helping to recognize individuals’ talents and uncover what comes naturally to everyone: the way an individual perceives the world, processes information or forms relationships. People who know their strengths and potential and work with their strengths report 3x higher life satisfaction and 6x higher work engagement.
Therefore, during the workshop, we will look at “strengths-based development” and the opportunities Gallup offers through a series of exercises and challenges.

Eliška Furtkevičová

Eliška has worked her way through various positions from admin, financial analyst, people manager, scrum master and now works as an agile coach. She has experience in Scrum, Kanban and SAF and was approached by Management 3.0. She is actively involved in CliftonStrenght coaching. What she enjoys and believes in most is working with people. She also likes to pass on her experience through training and workshops.